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About Delta

Delta Strategies is a political and communications consultancy with a strong background in corporate communications, campaign management and high-level political, communications and community development consultancy, both in the UK and the Middle East.

We undertake work on a contract or retainer basis for a range of clients including banks, UK and international businesses, universities and high-profile individuals including politicians and royalty.

Delta UK

Shaun Bailey, Member of the Greater London Assembly and one of our clients, speaking at A Barclay's Premier League Event at Villa Park.
Shaun Bailey, Member of the Greater London Assembly and one of our clients, speaking at A Barclay's Premier League Event at Villa Park.

Delta Strategies is well established in the UK and is fortunate to work with a range of high-profile individuals and companies in a variety of sectors.

Our roots lie in political campaigning and communicating with the public - it is what we've built our reputation on and it's a service we continue to provide to this day. We work alongside political campaigns and local council groups, Party associations and candidates. Perhaps best known for our work in politics, Delta Strategies presently advises a number of leading political figures, including elected politicians, as well as aspiring candidates and political operatives.

We advise on press relations, helping our clients maximise their media coverage. Dealing with the media is often a daunting task, but it need not have to be. Effective manipulation of the media can result in outstanding returns, and at Delta, we are experienced in building and harnessing relationships across the industry. In the past, we have helped clients maximise their coverage in both mass and niche media outlets, and we also work with individuals, providing top-tier training and briefing to boost confidence, resulting in improved performance 'on air'.

We also consult on campaign strategy and public engagement, both for political campaigns, and for private companies looking to achieve market cut-through.

Delta Middle East

Delta Strategies is active in the Middle East, particularly in Jordan, where we have developed a reputation for advising on the use of cutting-edge political, community engagement and public relations strategies, as well as for delivering consultancy-based projects.

Delta Strategies is called upon to provide accurate political reporting and in-depth analysis on a range of regional issues. Consultancy projects range from political analysis and strategic reviews, to  NGO-programme performance evaluations and a range of other projects, for clients including intergovernmental organisations, banks and private corporations. Further information on the nature of our work and past projects is available under project history.

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