Communications HQ: Individual

Shaun Bailey, Conservative Candidate for the Greater London Assembly and one of our clients, speaking at A Barclay's Premier League Event at Villa Park.

Stand out from the crowd!

Whether you are looking to boost your own profile in a crowded industry, sell your idea to the world, get elected to office or land your dream job, the right communications strategy will get you noticed by the right people.

We work alongside leading political and business figures in the UK and abroad, working alongside clients to boost their public profile, generate exposure for new ideas or products, broadcasting success stories and improving and maintaining reputations.

We perform a ‘health-check’ on your present public profile, identifying public perceptions, existing coverage and issue areas. Then, we’ll work with you to craft a message best designed to generate media traction, target specific journalists and publications on your behalf, produce press releases and media content and use our connections in the general and niche media markets to generate publicity.

We also work with clients on honing their image, providing media training and interview preparation and we even offer crisis PR and rapid response in order to tackle potential problems before they arise.

Below are just some of the ways we can help you spread your message to the world:

PR for Individuals