Delta Strategies is a political and communications consultancy with a strong background in corporate communications, campaign management and high-level political, communications and community development consultancy, both in the UK and the Middle East.

Scenario Planning and Political Risk

The world is changing, and emerging geopolitical, economic, social, environmental, technological trends have caused governments and the private sector to restructure their strategies.

Our approach to scenario planning involves contextualising the present environment and identifying the key drivers of change, and potential risk factors, and map their potential impact and construct potential scenarios based on likely outcomes. We draw upon our expertise in government and geopolitics and our extensive network of contacts to provide insightful, high-level advice and strategic recommendations to major political players. We take into account the national, regional and global political and economic factors, as well as the social undercurrents to determine political risk, map out potential developing scenarios and recommend strategies not just to mitigate the impact of change, but to capitalise on it.

Our services have been used by both political professionals and government ministries and their agents, seeking to better understand the complicated environments in which they operate, as well as by private companies looking to expand their reach internationally.

Social Development

Social Development is one of the world's largest 'growth industries' and more resources than ever are being invested in improving the quality of life and well-being of disadvantaged people across the globe. With this surge in expenditure of both time and money however, comes the need to ensure that resources are allocated to the best causes, and are spent wisely.

Delta Strategies has been brought in to evaluate and analyse a range of programmes initiated by governmental and intergovernmental organisations, including the World Bank, and the United Nations Development Programme, and specialises in both participatory and desk evaluations. 

Community Engagement

Community engagement is a key driving force behind building awareness, conveying information and generating support. Whether you are looking to change perceptions or demonstrate support, having the right engagement strategies, tailor-made for specific projects is essential. Delta Strategies is experienced in providing bespoke community engagement strategies for a range of political and private clients.

Political Strategy

Delta Strategies has several years of experience in advising both political campaigns and private individuals seeking to enter the world of politics. We work alongside political campaigns and local council groups, Party associations and prospective candidates. We become their own communications office: more effective and cost-efficient than hiring in-house. 

Here is a snapshot of the services we provide for our political clients:


Communications HQ for political clients

Reputation and Profile

Whether you are looking to boost your own profile in a crowded industry, sell your idea to the world, get elected to office or land your dream job, the right communications strategy will get you noticed by the right people.
We work alongside leading political and business figures in the UK and abroad, working alongside clients to boost their public profile, generate exposure for new ideas or products, broadcasting success stories and improving and maintaining reputations.

We perform a ‘health-check’ on your present public profile, identifying public perceptions, existing coverage and issue areas. Then, we’ll work with you to craft a message best designed to generate media traction, target specific journalists and publications on your behalf, produce press releases and media content and use our connections in the general and niche media markets to generate publicity.

We also work with clients on honing their image, providing media training and interview preparation and we even offer crisis PR and rapid response in order to tackle potential problems before they arise.

Below are just some of the ways we can help you spread your message to the world:

PR for Individuals

Media Management

Dealing with the media is often a daunting task, but it need not have to be. Effective manipulation of the media can result in outstanding returns, and at Delta, we are experienced in building and harnessing relationships across the industry. In the past, we have helped clients maximise their coverage in both mass and niche media outlets, and we also work with individuals, providing top-tier training and briefing to boost confidence, resulting in improved performance 'on air'.

Generally, the media is nothing to be feared, however, there are often times when rapid 'crisis communications' are required to mitigate the spread of bad news, and protect reputations, and we are accomplished in managing sensitive situations.

Delta have, in the past, helped clients hone their media strategy through the following avenues:



Digital Reputation

In today's world, first impressions are usually made online, and we work with our clients to build an online presence that maximises impact and enhances reputation. We design and produce copy for bespoke websites, paying specific attention to how and why information is presented in order to ensure positive uptake, and we manage social media communications, including SM advertising and paid promotions to make the most out of the opportunities we have on offer.

Examples of websites developed and/or managed by Delta Strategies include: