Committing your words to paper and broadcasting them to the world


In an age of New Media and rapid response, there is still a place for old-fashioned publication. No amount of social media or online commentary will replace the tangible benefits of a physical book or magazine, and there will always remain space in a communication strategy for print material.

Delta are very experienced in producing and publishing printed material in a variety of forms, and for a host of different markets, and we specialise in the political and corporate fields, as well as in niche, industry-specific outlets. Whether you are writing a book, producing a magazine, or delivering an end-of-year report, Delta is a safe pair of hands you can trust to deliver a top quality end product, at an affordable rate.

We offer two fundamental avenues for publication:

Contract Publishing: Wherein we format and print material on behalf of organisations at a fixed cost, who then distribute as they see fit. The client retains full rights to the final product.

Pitch Publishing: We are always open to offers of literary material for in-house publication. Such work would include research papers, biographies and other works of interest.