Media Relations

Shaun Bailey speaking at A Barclay's Premier League Event at Villa Park.

Bespoke media campaigns to help you spread the messages you want the world to see


Dealing with the media is often a daunting task, but it need not have to be. Effective manipulation of the media can result in outstanding returns, and at Delta, we are experienced in building and harnessing relationships across the industry. In the past, we have helped clients maximise their coverage in both mass and niche media outlets, and we also work with individuals, providing top-tier training and briefing to boost confidence, resulting in improved performance ‘on air’.

Generally, the media is nothing to be feared, however, there are often times when rapid ‘crisis communications’ are required to mitigate the spread of bad news, and protect reputations, and we are accomplished in managing sensitive situations.

Delta have, in the past, helped clients hone their media strategy through the following avenues:

– Securing media coverage
– Social media monitoring
– Writing press releases
– Securing media appearances and speaker placements
– Media training and coaching
– Briefing and preparation
– Reputation management
– Crisis mitigation