Presenting Yourself to Universities

Our course helps maximise the chances of securing an offer from your top choice university.

We are committed to using our professional experience to help the next generation maximise their chances of achieving their full potential. To that end, we have developed a special course specifically aimed at 6th Form school students, designed to help them present themselves in the best possible light to employers and universities.

Courses are presented by current and former senior university staff and image professionals who apply the skills used in politics, media and business well as our deep understanding of the university application procedure to help maximise your students' chances of success.

In this two hour, interactive course, we cover a range of topics, including:

Making Informed Decisions

Universities are all different, and choosing the right one, which matches your expectations, personality, and specific needs will help students get the most out of the experience, and ultimately, the best grades. In this section, we look at the key factors to consider to help students make an informed value judgement:

  • Factors to consider including distance and location, university size, ethos and style of teaching
  • Choosing the right course
  • University student satisfaction surveys
  • Getting the most out of university open days and visits

The Application Procedure

The UCAS application is the first step towards university acceptance, and also the first hurdle to clear, and getting it right is vital to securing a place at your first-choice university. In this section, we outline tips and tricks to help students assemble the best possible university application, including:

  • Filling out the UCAS application
  • SD to fill out

Crafting Personal Statements and Cover Letters

Whether applying for a job or a place at university, communicating on paper who you are and why you stand out is often the hardest part of an application. Getting it right is not easy, but will go a long way towards ensuring success. In this section, we look at:

  • How to structure a personal statement
  • What to include, and what universities and employers want to see
  • Using the right words, key terms and language
  • Adding value and demonstrating confidence
  • Making yourself stand out, and conveying a sense of yourself

Success at Interviews

Whether you are interviewing for a job or a place on a university course, knowing how to present yourself and using the right communications strategies will give you a competitive edge. We aim to equip participants with skills required to present themselves in the best possible manner. We will look at:

  • Key characteristics and skills
  • Interview preparation and research
  • Conveying confidence
  • Voice control and body language
  • Using the right words at the right time
  • Crafting convincing answers to interview questions
  • Avoiding pitfalls